What does handmade mean?

Handmade means our team personally decorates or personalizes all items sold on our shop. We are ridiculously detail oriented and extremely critical of our work, however slight imperfections or pattern placement differences can occur.


Why is my order taking a long time in shipping?

Please note that due to COVID-19, USPS is experiencing random delays (up to 10-14 days) with First Class and Priority Mail deliveries. It does NOT happen often, but it does happen. Please be advised that we cannot be liable for any delays caused by USPS. If you need it by a certain date, please reach out to us to inquire on the cost to upgrade your order to UPS 2 Day Shipping.


Can I return or exchange my item if I don't like the color combination I selected?

Due to all items being made to order, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. Please do message us before you order when in doubt of how a color combo will look. Often times we have a photo of that color combination or can send a picture of the material next to the color product you'd like.

However, if there is a problem with your order let us know within 7 days of delivery so we can "Make It" right!


Does my senior tumbler come with a name on it?

When placing your order, select Name Add On for the option to add a name and select the font for your name.


What is my watch band maintenance?

You can clean your band with simply water and soap. If the band begins to look chalked, you can re-oil it by brushing any cooking oil you have into the engraving with an old toothbrush.


Can I guarantee to receive an item by a certain date?

Please message us with your shipping zip code, what item(s) you are needing, and the date you would need it by so we can check our current production time and the shipping timeframe to be estimated.


How many names can there be on the MOM/DAD smart watch bands?

The higher the number of names, the closer together names will be and the size could be smaller than in the pictures. The amount of names differs on how long the names are, but up to 2 rows can be created if needed. 


Is there a discount for bulk orders?

We do offer bulk order discounts, but they vary as it depends on the exact customization per order. Please reach out to us to get a quote that is fit for your needs


Can I order custom colored boxes?

The box color options we offer are Black, White, and Pink only. If you would like to incorporate a different color into your order, we provide many options for vinyl that would surely meet your needs.


Can the MOM or DAD on the smart watch bands be changed to say something else?

This can be done by ordering a Custom Design Smart Watch Band, in the details you can specify exactly what you would like.


Are smart watch bands compatible with anything other than Apple Watches?

Unfortunately, the only smart watches that our bands fit with are Apple Watches, as stated in the listing.


What should I do if my order arrives damaged?

We strive to provide the best experience possible for our customers. We want you to love your items from our shop. Please reach out to us ASAP to info@makeitds.com with pictures of your damaged product as well as pictures of your shipping package showing damages. Eight (8) pictures minimum are required for us to be able to file a claim. With this provided we can remake your item for you.


What is the best method to contact your shop?

The best way to contact us is by emailing us info@makeitds.com anytime. If you prefer to call, please call us at 561-461-MAKE (6253) during business hours.


What are your business hours?

Monday - Friday; 8am - 4pm EST.


How many characters can there be in a monogram?

There can be 2-4 letters in a monogram.


How many characters can there be on a box and why?

There can be 20 characters per line of the box. This is because the vinyl can only be cut to a certain size and 20 characters is the most that would fit in the size.